Why Bollywood Forgot MASS Cinema

Since the dawn of the 21st century and the nuanced storytelling that followed with Amir Khan Associated films these narratives became extremely popular and the new wave of telling stories as it not only boasted an honest treatment of characters and the hurdles that they face but also presented an understated and relevant tone that the youth considered to be the norm this was a sharp contrast to the inflated and over-the-top heroes that were given and could annihilate whatever problem is flung their way even if it means hundreds of goons one whiff of a punch would be enough to have them flying and vanish in thin air it’s true that for years Tamil and Telugu Cinema while still presenting a variety of storylines never let go of the celebration of their heroes in this Mass format that has led to highly entertaining Big Cinema experiences what one fails to recognize at least in the 21st century is that we only got reintroduced to the Larger than Life hero in Hindi Cinema with remakes LED with Style by Amir Khan and Ghajini Salman Khan and wanted, Ajay Devgan and Singham and Akshay Kumar and Rowdy Rathore.

All Alias celebrity is presented in a larger-than-life aura that were all remakes of already popular movies in Tamil and Telugu Cinema. due to the lack of dissemination and knowledge regarding the Source material these movies raked in huge numbers at the box office almost earth-shattering numbers and while Akshay Kumar’s sporadically visited the same format Salman Khan got back to Monumental stardom with the success of movies like ready bodyguard and the diamond dozen original Mass film in the form of Dabang. slowly and steadily as the 2010s rolled around the corner the distance of the actors to produce full-bodied Mass films increased no matter what version you have to these commercial pod boilers that celebrate the star and provide a compelling story within the same format they are hugely popular and while many authors would like to believe that this is not Cinema there is a complex art to making these films that many people do not give you credit to.

the case of elevating a storyline with a skillful integration of background music and staging is something very few creators have in Hindi Cinema and this is especially Mastered by Tamil and Telugu creators other than Rohit Shetty and Ali Abbas suffer I can’t think about Hindi film directors who have the right balance between celebrating the aura of the hero while still catering to the storyline being focused upon Rohit has especially done the same with his cop universe and Alia Abbas suffer with Salman Khan project like Sultan and tiger Zinda hai no matter what you think about their storytelling hate it or like it there is huge popularity and demand for the same and it’s important to acknowledge that Hindi Cinema were huge proponent of the same Cinema since the 70s and the Advent of the Angry Young Man with Amitabh Bachchan.

The case of delivering hard-hitting dialogue staging of the heroes so that he can deliver his punch line the swag of the hero who is not a cookie cutter good guy and the narrative still providing an emotional depth and engagement for the audience was prevalent throughout Hindi cinema at this stage with Amitabh Bachchan’s career the swagged out anti-hero was in and sadly we lost touch with what made these movies so magical to be seen on the big screen many people assume that the popularities of films like Pushpa and kgf are Concepts and treatment Mastered by Telugu and Kannada Cinema respectively but the fascinating part is the influence of a Creator like Prashant Neil also dates back to Amitabh Bachchan and his Angry Young Man days looking at the current circumstances and the flavor that most people look forward to in theaters the reason for my excitement for projects like animals starring Ranbir Kapoor or Jawan with Shahrukh Khan is that they truly understand the appeal popularity and treatment that will follow with their presence on the big screen with the Telugu Creator like Sandeep Reddi Wanga and a mass Tamil director like Atlee.

He has so brilliantly presented an actor like talapathi Vijay Sandeep Reddi Wanga was definitely not kidding when he said that animal is going to be his most violent film and looking at the look that just got leaked you very well know that the man is going balls to the wall with the treatment of this character while I do not condone a lot of what he said regarding romantic relationships in his Infamous interview I think Sandeep benefits from the fact that he is going to present an all-out gangster film filled with Gore and violence and a possible Revenge angle because there’s no room for debate regarding the moral compass of characters when they have been wronged and are on the path of Vengeance Shahrukh Khan has barely been presented ever in the slightest way that Vijay has been showcased in Atlee films and looking at just the points of elevation in movies like Theory or mercel makes me believe it’s going to Showcase a Hindi film hero like never seen before when you’re looking at a truly pan Indian film it means collaborating with artists from different Industries and I think actors like Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar will hugely benefit from such collaborations as directors from Tamil in Telugu Cinema really have mastered the craft of presenting their Larger than Life Aura of Heroes on the big screen while still catering to a narrative that just doesn’t become fan service but actually account for entertaining films it’s best that Hindi Cinema understands the medium from the best and spearheads truly pan-indian Mass commercial projects in the future.

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